What is GLA, Anyway?

Sonova Safflower Oil GLA Softgels

A Powerful Omega-6

GLA, more formally known as “Gamma-Linolenic Acid”, is a type of Omega-6 fatty acid that produces unique and important chemical messengers in your body. Its sources are few - it’s found in only a handful of plant-based oils such as borage (starflower), evening primrose, black currant, and now Safflower!

Benefits of GLA

The potential benefits of GLA are many, and new research continues to shed light on this powerful fatty acid.

What Else Should I Know About GLA?

Chances are you need more of it.

Essential fatty acids play a role in cellular health and energy storage. When critical fatty acids like GLA are missing from a person’s diet, it can lead to cells not efficiently using the energy stored in our cells. This is common after large amounts of weight loss. Through a proper diet as part of an overall wellness program, essential fatty acids like GLA can help ensure cells are keeping the right balance of energy storage and reduce the likelihood of weight regain.

Sonova Safflower Oil GLA Softgels
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