Our Difference

Field to Bottle

Our Nurturing and Expertise Extends From Field to Bottle

Sonova Safflower Oil GLA is a product of Arcadia Wellness, an innovative plant-based wellness company, committed to improving human health while minimizing agriculture’s environmental impact. Our safflowers are grown right here in the USA - we supervise the fields, harvest the seeds, extract into high-concentrate GLA oil, and then bottle them as softgels that ship directly to you.

It’s Important to Trust What You Put in Your Body

We strive to follow strict quality and purity standards in cultivating, extracting, and bottling our Safflower Oil GLA, from the seed in the ground to when your supplements ship to you. Our oversight eliminates variables that could compromise your product experience. You can trust Sonova as a reliable, knowledgeable resource for your GLA needs.

Our Safflower Oil GLA is:
  • Purity verified
  • FDA-recognized
  • Made in the USA
  • Gluten-free
  • Free of the 8 main allergens
  • BSE/TSE-free
  • Kosher Compliant

How is Sonova GLA Different?

The oil we extract from our Safflower seeds contains over 20% more GLA than other plant sources like evening primrose and borage. That makes Sonova Safflower Oil GLA the most concentrated GLA available, meaning fewer pills to take to reach the recommended daily dose.

Safflower Oil GLA Percentage vs Other Sources

Sonova GLA Comparison Bar Chart