GLA in the News

News this good travels fast. Check back here for the latest on the future of GLA.

SONOVA GLA offers cat food manufacturers a sustainable, plant-based source of essential omega-6 fatty acid.

Source:Arcadia Biosciences

The high potency, stable shelf life and neutral flavor profile of the DriZoom™ GLA Safflower Powder offers significant benefits to dietary supplement formulators.

Source: Arcadia Biosciences

SONOVA® ULTRA contains 55% GLA — the most highly concentrated commercial source of GLA produced in a seed oil today.

Source: Arcadia Biosciences

A pill containing a mix of essential fatty acids has been shown to significantly reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Source: Reproductive Health / Science Daily

The dietary supplement gamma-linolenic acid can inhibit the growth of a subset of pancreatic cancer cells and selectively promote cancer cell death in mice, a Mayo Clinic study has found.

Source: Mayo Clinic