Keep It Off with GLA

For those of you looking to reach a healthy body weight and maintain it, GLA might be the right supplement for you.

Along with a balanced diet and daily exercise, a clinical study has suggested that a daily supplment of 800 mg of GLA may be a key component in a successful weight control program. More specifically, this study suggests that GLA helps to minimize weight regain after weight loss. In other words, once you’ve taken the weight off, GLA may help you keep it off.

Essential fatty acids, like GLA, play an important role in the regulation of fat storage. When left unevenly distributed, complications can arise. Studies have shown a distortion in essential fatty acid distribution in the obese that leads to a higher concentration of fat storage versus fat burning. Even after major weight loss, this particular imbalance does not resolve itself. Taking the right supplements of essential fatty acids, like GLA, helps to restore that balance––reducing weight regain by upregulating the metabolism of fat.

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