Are You Getting Enough GLA?

There are two ways in which the body gets its GLA––the consumption and conversion of linoleic acid to GLA, and the consumption of oils that contain GLA.

Like GLA, linoleic acid is an omega-6 fatty acid. Linoleic acid, found in cooking oils and processed foods, is converted in the body to GLA. Unfortunately, dietary and lifestyle factors, such as sugar consumption, smoking, alcohol, chemical carcinogens, aging, and illness inhibit our body’s ability to make a sufficient supply of GLA on its own.

Since concentrated sources of GLA are not present in a typical diet, many people have turned to plant-based fatty acid supplements as an alternative. GLA exists in evening primrose oil and borage oil, containing 10 percent and 20 percent GLA, respectively. Unfortunately, their low concentrations make it difficult and inconvenient to incorporate effective levels of GLA into your daily diet. At these types of concentrations, it takes four 1g borage oil capsules and eight 1g evening primrose oil capsules to reach the recommended daily supplement level of 800 mg of GLA.

SONOVA® 400 GLA Safflower Oil, however, contains 40% GLA, so you only need two 1g capsules a day to obtain a daily supplement level of 800 mg, making it supplement friendly and convenient.

The Solution: SONOVA® 400 GLA Safflower Oil

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