A Brand New Way to GLA

The newest, most concentrated plant source of Gamma-Linolenic Acid

Skin & Hair Health • Weight Maintenance

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Sonova Safflower Oil GLA Softgels
Sonova Safflower Oil GLA Softgels

A Powerful Plant-Sourced Omega-6

Omega-6 is an essential fatty acid critical for human health and wellness. While our bodies cannot generate it, we can take steps to make sure we have enough of it. Omega-6 supplements help maintain healthy levels of these essential fatty acids and play a positive role in skin & hair health and weight maintenance. New Sonova Safflower Oil GLA is a powerful Omega-6 and now the most concentrated plant source of GLA available.

Safflower Oil GLA

800mg / 2 softgel serving

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Benefits of GLA

Clinical evidence shows that GLA is essential for overall wellness, playing a significant role in skin & hair health and weight maintenance.
GLA is an essential component in skin and hair cell vitality, repair and retention, so dry, cracked skin and damaged hair can be signs of a GLA deficiency. Adding GLA to your diet in the form of supplements can help boost moisture levels, restore smoothness, increase elasticity and minimize wrinkling.
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Sonova GLA Skin & Hair Benefits
Omega-6 fatty acids like GLA play an important role in your body’s regulation of fat storage. Along with a balanced diet and daily exercise, clinical studies suggest that a daily supplement of GLA may be key to a successful weight control program, specifically to help minimize weight regain after weight loss.
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Sonova GLA Weight Maintenance Benefits

The Sonova Difference

Quality and Purity Control From Field to Bottle

It’s important to trust what we put in our bodies, so our products are held to strict quality and purity standards. We are innovators in wellness solutions, committed to creating products that improve human health while minimizing environmental impact. We grow and nurture our safflowers right here in the USA, then harvest the seeds and cold-press them into high-concentrate GLA oil, eliminating variables that could compromise the quality of our products. Our care and expertise are ingrained in every stage of creation so that you can trust Sonova as a credible source for your GLA needs.

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Praise for Sonova Safflower Oil GLA

I added these to my daily supplements a couple months ago, and there has been a dramatic improvement in the thickness and strength of my hair, and there’s tons of new growth! I’m thrilled with the visible results.
Millie, Age 42
After hearing reports that Gamma- Linolenic Acid (GLA) can improve skin’s overall look and moisture level, I gave a bottle of Sonova GLA capsules to my father-in-law, who started taking them. Only a few weeks later, his skin looks better than ever.
Male user, mid-60s
GLA has even helped to improve the level of moisture in my eyes after only 4 weeks of use!! Amazing!
Female user, age 48